Hello, we're Bonshore. We're a team of e-commerce experts that help brands get the most out of Shopify.

can be
Operating a Shopify store can be challenging and technical. There’s web development, systems integrations, technical debt, data layers, core web vitals and on and on. Sometimes it seems like as soon as you launch something new, you're already out of date.
How we do it
Our approach to e-commerce
Unified codebase

Custom code is expensive and challenging to maintain, which is why our websites all run on the same highly configurable Shopify super theme.

Managed by experts

We actively manage every website in our portfolio. With immediate access to our team of experts and developers, we measure idea execution in days, not weeks.

Cost Effective

We're laser focused on process improvement. After joining our network, clients typically experience a significant reduction in the monthly cost of their e-commerce operations.

the cost
When we build new features, we build them for our whole portfolio so you don't pay for custom web development any more. On top of that, we rely on 3rd party apps very sparingly, all of which means that you spend much less operating your online store.
Our websites are
fast. cost-effective. feature rich. fully managed.
When you work with us, new functionality involves configuration, not programming. Our simple monthly contract includes access to our team of experts who can help you bring your ideas to life in a matter of hours or days.
Who We Are
Stability you can depend on
Jon Pennington
Co-Founder JP has years of experience building cutting edge e-commerce websites. He leads the technology side of Bonshore, ensuring that the stack that powers our websites is fast, stable and future proofed. Originally from Indiana, JP is a citizen of the world having lived in more than 20 different countries.
Pete Hardie
Co-Founder Pete is a hybrid web developer and digital operator. He has spent years helping multi million dollar businesses build lean, efficient systems and processes for e-commerce and leads the operations side of our business. Originally from England, Pete lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his young family.
Working with us
What's it like to work with us?

"Working closely with Pete for a few years has been an absolute pleasure. He made an immediate - and lasting - impact at SeaVees by improving the software we use to power our e-commerce business. Pete is a trusted partner, thoughtful teammate and significant difference maker."

Steven Tiller CEO @ SeaVees
You can reach us at hello@bonshore.com.